Narita Airport = NOT Tokyo. Narita is so far from Tokyo, it takes a high speed train to introduce you to the city of teen pop idols dressed in funky school uniforms, but for the longest time, it was the closest to the city of green tea and samurais. There are endless options to choose from in transportation to the city. Here are some of the most convenient, comfortable, and cheapest ways to arrive.

Style: Express Train

Travel Time:  about 1  hour

Operators: Narita Express (NEX) (3,190 yen to Tokyo districts), Skyliner (2,470 yen to Ueno and Nippori only)

Skyliner is faster, but limited in destination. On the other hand, Narita Express is more convenient, stopping at most of the ideal locations in Tokyo (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, and Ikebukuro).

Style: Bus

Operators: Airport Limousine Bus (around 3,000 yen depending on drop off point)

Travel Time: 80-120 min. depending on destination

The airport Limousine is an expensive choice but you can ride in comfort all the way to your hotel or preferred station. They have the most selection of drop off points and so you don’t have to worry about walking around getting lost or changing trains.

Style: Cheap

Operators: JR Sobu Line (Rapid Service), Keisei Limited Express

Travel Time: around 1 hour 45 min.

Don’t let the words “rapid” and “express” fool you. They will take twice as long as to reach Tokyo at half the cost.

By no means should anyone be taking a taxi, but if you have cash to burn and want to make you’re friends jealous, well then there is only one big way to go, by Heli. Yes, helicopter from Narita to downtown Tokyo.

Style: Helicopter

Operators: MCAS (Mori Building City Air Serivce)

Travel Time: 20 min. (not including limousine car ride to hotel of your choice.)

That’s just rediculous. That’s Tokyo.



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