Yu, The Spa Treatments

Balance the body and mind with a soothing aroma oil massage. Our spa's massage technique fuses the best of East and West for deep relaxation. You will experience a new era of treatment therapies that combine modern technology with the ancient wisdom and culture of the Orient.
  • Facial Therapy

    • Radiance

      60min. ¥22,700
      Resets and revitalizes the skin. Suitable for those who want to restore their skin tone.
    • Extravagance

      90 min. ¥25,800
      Uses a rose moisturizer made especially for this treatment. A scrubbing foam, a tonic, and a powerful skin serum made of rose will make you feel like you are in a rose garden.
    • Age Repair Facial Treatment

      75 min ¥28,800
      This highly effective anti-aging facial treatment is designed to reduce the signs of aging without the use of harsh moisturizers. Repairs and prevents aging.
    • Ultimate Renewal

      90 min ¥29,900
      Facial treatment specialized to treat dry and devitalized skin. Uses frankincense essential oil to smooth and revitalize the skin cells.
  • Touch Therapy

    • Pressure Balance

      60・90min ¥23,700・¥27,800
      Pressure point massage is administered to specific points along the body’s meridian lines of energy. Muscles and joints are also stretched to ease tension.

    • Aromatherapy

      60・90 min ¥23,700・¥27,800
      This treatment, which incorporates both Western and Eastern techniques, uses a specially made oil to rebalance your mind and soul. You will experience supreme relaxation of the body and soul.

    • Restore & Release

      90min ¥30,900
      Full body massage to work on tight and tired muscles as well as stiff joints.

    • Balinese Treatments

      60・90min ¥23,700・¥27,800
      Uses traditional Balinese oil and techniques. Soft strokes will melt away the tension in your body.

    • Healing Hot Stone Therapy

      90min. ¥30,900
      Uses smooth basalt lava stones. The heated stones allow the muscles to warm and relax. Effects are similar to that of a traditional Japanese sand bath.

    • Synchronized Treatment

      60min ¥38,100
      Two therapists work in harmony to give you the ultimate full body massage. They will use a combination of Asian and Balinese techniques to relax your body.

    • Through Time

      90min ¥30,900
      A rejuvenating massage, perfect for before or after many hours of travel. Uses a fusion of juniper berry and pink grapefruit oils to bring back your focus.

    • Oriental Scalp

      30min ¥10,300
      A combination of many Asian massage techniques helps release tension in the neck, shoulders and scalp.

    • Calm, Cleanse & Balance

      60min ¥22,900
      Deep cleans and refines pores. Rebalances the skin to its normal state. Scalp, hand and arm massages follow for optimal relaxation.

    • Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial

      60min ¥33,000
      This unique treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial scarring and fine lines. Makes your skin look healthier and younger.

    • Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial

      75min ¥33,000
      Specialized micro-circulatory massage techniques are combined with powerful formulations and a two-phase amino active mask to help smooth and restore skin’s radiance.

    • Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial

      75min ¥33,000
      Special lifting massage with the most powerfully effective anti-aging moisturizers to firm up your skin.

    • Elemis Skin IQ+ (treatments for men)

      75min ¥33,000
      Treatment specialized to give men the ultimate skin overhaul.

  • Body Therapy

    • Rice & Salt Serenade (Body Exfoliation)

      60min ¥21,600
      Combination of sea salt, rice, primrose and coconut oils revitalizes your skin.

    • Revive & Recover (Body Exfoliation & Envelopment)

      75min ¥26,800
      After scrubbing the body with natural olive grain, pink grapefruit and rosemary oils, the body is detoxified.

    • Rose Hydrating Cocoon (Body Exfoliation & Envelopment)

      75min ¥26,800
      After scrubbing the body with natural olive grain oil and rose gel, skin is revived. You will receive a scalp massage while being wrapped in rose oil and cream.

    • Deep Cleanse Back Treatment (Body Exfoliation & Envelopment)

      60min ¥25,800
      Best for acne on the back. After a back scrub and a back mask, a calf massage will rejuvenate your legs.

    • Elemis Cooling Hot Stone Body & Facial

      60min ¥25,800
      A combination of ice cold thermal muscle massage and Elemis’ anti-aging facial treatment.

    • Elemis Vichy Therapy

      60min ¥30,900
      By using a dry brush with the essence of lime peel, ginger, and therapeutic salts, this treatment will effectively revitalize the skin. Finish up with a Vichy shower.

    • Yu, The Spa Detox Therapy

      90min ¥41,200
      This signature therapy, which carries the spa’s name, improves and gives power back to the body. Available only in the Yusui VIP treatment room.

    • Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite & Colon Therapy

      60min ¥33,000
      Uses a mask made from fennel and silver birch oil, renowned for their detoxing effects. Cleansing to the inner depths of the body.

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