These websites and Apps will make sure your trip is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.



Train time, transfers, cost, first and last trains available. This website will most likely be your most widely used guide for catching trains.

Look for restaurants by area, by type of cuisine, cost, lunch or dinner, by rank etc. The most extensive restaurant guide in Japan. Definitely a must check place. THe info for each shop is very extensive, but you gotta be able to read Japanese.

They do have an English version but it’s not complete, may be worth checking out. You don’t want to use tripadvisor or other “based on foreigner” websites because it’s unreliable, to be honest. Tabelog has a star ranking, choose anything from 3.0 or above and you’re solid.

Another website in Japanese, but ranks all electronic appliances and gadgets based on popularity, satisfaction, or “on the rise”. You can also research by maker, cost, etc. You can use google translate to kinda get an idea.

You might find it difficult to buy online because you need a Japanese address, but at least you can use it to bargain your price down at electornics shops

*If you go to Yurakucho station, there’s an electronics shop that sell a few months old appliances at super discount prices. Shop name: Big Camera Outlet


Apps (in English!):

Nikko taxi – Taxi service app so you don’t have to call or speak in Japanese! just drop a pin and enter where you’d like to go and it’s done. You can also check the rate of the trip, so you won’t be surprised at the price.

Kotoba/Imiwa (dictionary app) – enter words in English and poof, in Japanese. You won’t need internet once it’s downloaded.

Asakusa Beacon (itunes) – Asakusa is a famous tourist destination and there is a local app that sends you info about nearby restaurants and shops once you get close to them.

Waygo (menu into English) – An app that helps translate Japanese (Chinese) characters into English, but not clearly accurate. You get some hits and some misses, but still better than nothing.


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